Knee Stabilizer Pads

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These Magical Knee Stabilizer Pads are made to to make it easier for you to perform your daily activities more efficiently and comfortably.

These pads support your legs when you carry any heavy objects. They will help you to do the activities that need huge physical efforts in a better way.

They are Suitable for sports and outdoor activities such as mountain climbing. They will help you to climb more easily.

They are durable, easy to use and can be worn on the outside of your clothes.


- Material: nylon, carbon steels
- Color: black
- Elasticity: 20kg (one)
- Item size: 295 * 280 * 270mm / 11.6 * 11.0 * 10.6in
- Item weight: 600g / 1.32lb
- Package size: 320 * 300 * 290mm / 12.6 * 11.8 * 11.4in

Package Includes:

2 * Joint Support Knee Pads

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